Modifications & Upgrades

Oil catch tank

Catch Tanks (such as the Radiumauto catch can )help condense the oil and water vapours in engines with positive crankcase ventilation systems venting into the airbox. Instead of allowing them to re-enter and potentially contaminate the engine air intake and combustion process they condense in an external vessel which must be manually emptied. This residue is normally more visible on tracked or heavy use cars but the majority of cars appear to benefit from these tanks in that the air filter and velocity stack area of the air box will be cleaner and the combustion process will be slightly more efficient and the sensors will be cleaner and less susceptible to failure.

SAP delete

The SAP (Secondary Air Pump) exists purely to reduce emissions on a cold start by pumping air into the exhaust just after the exhaust manifold. Removal is easy but cars require a software update to permanently remove the possible appearance of a fault light on a cold start.

AP Brakes

The most common upgrade is the AP kit front and rear which utilises the CP5575 (a narrower version of the CP5555) 6-pot calliper with 356mm x 32mm discs on the front and the CP5144 4-pot calliper on the rear using either the OEM discs or AP's own (both standard sized (328mm x 20mm) due to the inbuilt handbrake mechanism).

Replacement disc options for AP front kit

OE AP items - 356mm x 228.6mm x 32mm - 48 vane - CP3581-536/7G8 - 6.7kg

Performace Friction - 356mm x 228.6mm x 32mm - 48 vane - 356.32.0054.03/04 - 7.14kg

Upgraded AP - 356mm x 228.6mm x 32mm - 72 vane - CP7177-110/1G8 - 72 vane - 7.4kg

(Standard front disc - 8.55kg)