CSL differences from stock

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Lightweight modifications resulting in a minimum weight reduction of 110kg (depending on standard M3 spec) to a weight of 1385kg (10 litres of fuel, no driver, all fluids - no option car. Fully optioned car 1420kg).

Carbon fibre roof (-6kg)
Lighter and wider (front) 19in wheels and wider tyres
Front: 19" x 8½" ET44 - 10.5kg with 235/35 x 19 tyres (Standard M3 19" x 8" ET47 - 11.8kg with 225/40 x 19 tyres)
Rear: 19" x 9½" ET27 - 11.35kg with 265/30 x 19 tyres (Standard M3 19" x 9.5" ET27 12.4kg with 255/35 x 19 tyres
Removal of sound deadening under bonnet and above the waistline
Lightweight instrument panel console and carbon fibre door cards
Race bucket seats (based on Recaro SPG) and lighter rear seats
Carbon fibre composite front and rear bumpers
Composite fibre reinforced plastic boot lid
Paper honeycomb sandwich panel for the internal boot floor
Thinner glass for rear window
Thinner full exhaust construction, 200 cell catalytic converter and lighter backbox
Carbon fibre airbox
Inlet camshaft 268° compared to 260° of standard M3 (same lift)
Exhaust camshaft 264° compared to 260° of standard M3 (same lift)
Larger exhaust valves
Rear wheel arches rolled from factory to accommodate wider wheels
Different suspension and springs (Sachs dampers with a shorter spring and different bump and rebound rates and bump stops
Lighter battery from Mini Cooper S 55Ah 480 cca - 15.9kg (Standard M3 70Ah - 20.46kg)
Lighter main wiring harness - 16.51kg (Standard M3 18.93kg)
Lighter microfilter housing

MK60 update
SMG Drivelogic update with launch control
MSS54HP DME (25% more memory) with CSL specific map
M-trac mode allows for some slip angle before traction control intervenes
Power: 360PS (355bhp) @7900rpm (standard M3 343PS (338bhp)
Torgue: 370nm (273lbft) @4900rpm (standard M3 365nm (269lbft)

Faster steering 1:14.5 ratio rack
Wider front track (achieved by wider wheels), different king pin for improved geometry, different lower rear control arm (aluminium with spherical joints
Front - 1,518mm, Rear - 1,525mm
Larger front ARB (hollow) - 30.8mm (standard M3 - 26mm)
Larger rear ARB - 22.5mm (standard M3 - 21.5mm)
Larger font brakes - 345mm (standard M3 325mm)
Different rear calliper with larger piston to maintain correct brake proportioning

Aerodynamic modifications resulting a drag coefficient of 0.683
The following downforce changes:
Front: +14kg from the carbon fibre flippers
Rear: +19.5kg due to the rear composite duck tail spoiler