10th Anniversary Homecoming

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The 2013 return to Munich of 50+ CSL's from all over Europe.


Pistonheads News archives from Sean Carson
Sean borrowed the BMW fleet CSL '161 BMW' to join us on the trip to Munich.

10th Anniversary Tour

PH Blog on the Tour

PistonHeads meets BMW CSL Development Team members - TRANSCRIPT

PistonHeads meets BMW CSL Development Team members - Abridged

Schnitzer Motorsport Visit

E46 meets E9 CSL

Visit Itinerary
FRIDAY 24/05/2013
Chunnel -> Ring
Nurburgring drive...

SATURDAY 25/05/2013
Nurburgring -> Stuttgart
Stuttgart(Porsche Museum)
Stuttgart -> Munich

SUNDAY 26/05/2013
BMW Welt

MONDAY 27/05/2013
09:15 M Studio Garching
11:00 Braustueberl Maisach
11:30 Lunch
13:30 BMW Driving Academy Maisach
14:00 Welcome M Showroom & Talk by BMW
Red Bull H7

TUESDAY 28/05/2013
AC Schnitzer
Eagles Nest drive
Salzburg -> Nurburgring

WEDNESDAY 29/05/2013
Nurburgring -> HOME...